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Central Heating Installations For London Homes

Use Our GasSafe Certified Team of Installers. It's Hassle-Free, Simple and a Damn Good Service.

We’re qualified and certified heating engineers who provide central heating installations across London. You’re in safe hands. Book a site visit with our engineers, we’ll be able to specify the right system for your home.

What is a Central Heating System?

A central heating system is a network of pipes or ducts that distributes heat from a central source to different rooms in a building. It is like a circulatory system for your home, keeping it warm and comfortable in all seasons.

Being Reliable Plumbers and Heating Engineers Means Happy Clients

For several years, we’ve followed our work ethic of offering the best service possible to our clients, and we honour our mission of being London’s No.1 Plumbing and Heating company. Don’t just take our word for it, hear it from clients who use Imaa Plumbing.

Dawna “Dawns” J
Dawna “Dawns” J
Leo was very friendly and efficient. he arrived promptly, within an hour of the call, assessed the situation and figured out what was needed. Work was done quickly and professionally, will definitely be using him again if I have any other jobs that require a plumber. He also recommender an electrician that was equally prompt and helpful. Very happy customer!
Will Courtice
Will Courtice
IMAA diagnosed an ongoing problem where my boiler stopped when it rained very quickly and fixed it effectively. Would highly recommend
Paul Russell
Paul Russell
Always friendly, helpful and provides and excellent service.
Peter Somerford
Peter Somerford
Excellent comms and great service. Would recommend.
Adriano Nannini
Adriano Nannini
Really good lads - had an ongoing problem on my boiler for over one year and they sorted it. Very professional, highly recommend!
Jenny Haynes
Jenny Haynes
Really quick response when I called, and was there within 3 hours of the initial call. Friendly and helpful. Would happily recommend
Oliver Way
Oliver Way
Great service.
Rosanna Cundall
Rosanna Cundall
Leo is a star. Came and fixed boiler, checked radiators and got my thermostat working all within an hour.
Veena Srirangam Nadhamuni
Veena Srirangam Nadhamuni
Great response - and very easy to deal with it! Thanks Leo and Jurgen.
Tim Burgess
Tim Burgess
Very quick and efficient unblocking of kitchem sink. All fixed with 12hours notice! Excelleny!

Types of Central Heating Systems For Installation

Wet Central Heating Systems

A wet central heating system heats a home with hot water through a network of pipes that circulate water through each room to radiators. The radiators then release the heat into the air. The most common type of central heating system in London is a wet central heating system.

Dry Central Heating Systems

Heating is delivered by means of hot air. A furnace heats the air, and a network of ducts circulates it to vents located in each room, releasing the heat. Dry central heating systems are more popular in the US than in the UK.

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    Benefits of having a Central Heating Installation

    Whether you are a property developer or want central heating for your own home in London, there are several benefits to having a central heating system installed in your home.


    Enjoy an even and consistent temperature throughout your home, no matter the weather.

    • Better sleep
    • Increased energy efficiency
    • Reduced health risks


    Breathe easier and stay healthy with a central heating system.

    • Improved air quality
    • Reduces condensation
    • De-risking respiratory problems


    Save money on your energy bills with a central heating system.

    • Multi-room heating from a single source
    • Evenly distributed heat
    • Reduce carbon footprint


    Enjoy a convenient and hassle-free heating experience with a central heating system.

    • Easy temperature control
    • Smart thermostat compatibility
    • Reliability


    Enjoy a safe and peace-of-mind heating experience with a central heating system.

    • No fumes
    • No flames
    • Equipped with safety features

    Lifespan & Maintenance

    Central heating systems require relatively little maintenance and have a long lifespan.

    • Lasts 15-20 years
    • Little maintenance
    • Minimal costs

    How Does A Central Heating System Work?

    Learn more about central heating systems for your home. We’ve put together an ‘Essentials’ guide that will inform you about:

    • Central heating systems
    • Benefits of a central heating system
    • The way it works
    • Choosing the right one for your home
    choosing a central heating system - imaa plumbing

    A Homeowners Guide to Choosing a Central Heating System

    Find the benefits of choosing a central heating system for your home in London with this guide. From cost to process, we have it all.

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    Central Heating Installation in London: Cost of Service

    Installing your home’s new central heating system is not a small task. Every home is unique. We consider various factors before suggesting a solution to you. Book a site visit with Imaa Plumbing for your site visit. Here we will be able to discuss all the details about your home and it will give us the correct perspective in terms of size, rooms, number of people who occupy the space too.

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