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Benefits of Installing A Water Filter System

Water filtration systems are a powerful way to add purity to your water supply. Not only does it benefit your appliances for long-lastingness, but it is also scientifically proven to provide health benefits. Here is why you should get a water filtration system in your home with Imaa Plumbing.

Improved Water Quality

Water filtration systems can remove a variety of contaminants from your tap water, including lead, chlorine, bacteria, and parasites. This can result in cleaner, tastier water that is safer to drink and bathe in.

Reduced Health Risk

Drinking contaminated water can lead to a variety of health problems, including gastrointestinal illness, neurological disorders, and cancer. By filtering your water, you can reduce your risk of developing these health problems.

Longer Appliance Life

Minerals and other contaminants in your tap water can build up on your appliances, causing them to wear out prematurely. A water filtration system can help to extend the life of your appliances by removing these contaminants before they have a chance to build up.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Bottled water is a major source of plastic waste. By installing a water filtration system, you can reduce your reliance on bottled water and help to protect the environment.

What is A Water Filtration System?

A water filtration system is a guardian of your health and well-being. It stands guard at your water supply, removing unwanted contaminants and ensuring that you have access to pure, clean water.

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Types of Water Filtration Systems We Install

Depending on the country, there are water filtration systems for different things. In the UK, there are water systems that help remove particles from water, organic compounds and bacterial and viral minerals.

Sediment Filters

Sediment filters remove large particles from water, such as sand, dirt, and rust. They are often used as a pre-filter for other types of filtration systems.

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters remove chlorine, VOCs, and other organic compounds from water. They are also effective at improving the taste and smell of water.

Reverse Osmosis Filters

Reverse Osmosis systems are the most effective type of water filtration system, removing many contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, and minerals. They are often used in homes with hard water or contaminated water supplies.

Water Softeners

Water softeners are typical in areas with hard water. They remove minerals such as calcium and magnesium from water, making it softer and more accessible to lather soap. Water softeners can also help to prolong the life of appliances such as water heaters and washing machines.

Water Filtration Installations VS Water Softener Installations

Whilst the average person may feel that a water filtration system and a water softening system are the same, there are some easy distinctions to be made when deciding which one is best for your home. Our team of expert water filtration installers can guide your decision based on the size of your home, usage and distribution of water across your home.

Feature Water Filtration System Water Softener System
Benefits Removes contaminants such as chlorine,, bacteria, and viruses. Improves the taste and smell of water. Can extend the life of appliances. Reduces environmental impact. Removes minerals such as calcium and magnesium from water, making it softer and easier to lather soap. Can prolong the life of appliances.
Cost Typically less expensive to purchase and install than water softeners. Typically more expensive to purchase and install than water filtration systems.
Maintenance Requires regular filter changes, typically every 6-12 months. Requires regular salt replenishment, typically every 1-2 months.
Effectiveness Can remove a wide range of contaminants, but some systems may not be effective at removing all impurities. Can remove a wide range of contaminants, but some systems may not be effective at removing all impurities.
Best Suited For Homes with contaminated water supplies, homes with hard water, or homes that want to improve the taste and smell of their water. Homes with hard water.

Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

Across hundreds of homes every year, Imaa Plumbing provides installation, repair and maintenance services for water softeners. They provide many benefits to your overall home system and life in general.

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Improved skin and hair health

Hard water can dry out your skin and hair, making them feel rough and itchy. Soft water is better for your skin and hair because it contains less minerals that can strip away natural oils.

Reduced Risk of Eczema

Soft water can help to reduce the risk of developing eczema, a skin condition that causes dry, itchy patches. This is because soft water is less likely to irritate the skin.

Easier Cleaning

Soft water makes it easier to clean your home and appliances. This is because it doesn't leave behind mineral deposits that can make cleaning more difficult.

Longer Lifespan For Appliances

Hard water can damage your appliances over time. Soft water can help to extend the life of your appliances by preventing mineral deposits from building up.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Soft water can help you to save energy on your water heater. This is because soft water is easier to heat than hard water.

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Water Filtration and Softener Installation Cost

There are several factors that determine the cost of having a water filtration or a water softening system installed at home. To provide an accurate quotation, you can request a quote from our experts that is subject to the site visit.

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