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If you’ve started experiencing shower problems in your home, you can book us for an emergency call-out.

What Clients Say About Imaa Plumbing

Thanks to wonderful comments by our clients, we can give you several reasons why Imaa Plumbing is the most reliable plumbing company in London.

Dawna “Dawns” J
Dawna “Dawns” J
Leo was very friendly and efficient. he arrived promptly, within an hour of the call, assessed the situation and figured out what was needed. Work was done quickly and professionally, will definitely be using him again if I have any other jobs that require a plumber. He also recommender an electrician that was equally prompt and helpful. Very happy customer!
Will Courtice
Will Courtice
IMAA diagnosed an ongoing problem where my boiler stopped when it rained very quickly and fixed it effectively. Would highly recommend
Paul Russell
Paul Russell
Always friendly, helpful and provides and excellent service.
Peter Somerford
Peter Somerford
Excellent comms and great service. Would recommend.
Adriano Nannini
Adriano Nannini
Really good lads - had an ongoing problem on my boiler for over one year and they sorted it. Very professional, highly recommend!
Jenny Haynes
Jenny Haynes
Really quick response when I called, and was there within 3 hours of the initial call. Friendly and helpful. Would happily recommend
Oliver Way
Oliver Way
Great service.
Rosanna Cundall
Rosanna Cundall
Leo is a star. Came and fixed boiler, checked radiators and got my thermostat working all within an hour.
Veena Srirangam Nadhamuni
Veena Srirangam Nadhamuni
Great response - and very easy to deal with it! Thanks Leo and Jurgen.
Tim Burgess
Tim Burgess
Very quick and efficient unblocking of kitchem sink. All fixed with 12hours notice! Excelleny!

What is a Shower Repair?

A shower repair involves inspection, diagnosis, and fixing of issues encountered in the functioning of a shower system. Shower repair could cover a broad spectrum of tasks ranging from identifying and rectifying minor problems like leaky faucets, clogged drains, to major issues such as broken shower heads, faulty plumbing, or problems with water temperature control. This task is typically carried out by skilled professionals like Imaa Plumbing, we apply plumbing expertise to ensure the shower functions optimally and safely. It not only ensures a pleasant shower experience but also helps prevent water wastage and damage to your property due to hidden leaks or moisture accumulation.

Why is a Shower Repair Important For Your Home?

Most of the time, issues with showers are ignored by people. Ignoring leaks, blocked drains and gaps in your tiling can damage your property.

Prevention of Water Wastage

A single leak in your shower system can waste significant amounts of water over time. Repairing such leaks in a timely manner is environmentally responsible and can help save a considerable amount on water bills.

Preservation of Property

Unattended shower leaks can cause water seepage or dampness in walls, eventually leading to structural damage. Additionally, persistent moisture may lead to mould growth, which is hazardous to health. Thus, shower repair serves to safeguard the integrity of your property.

Improved Comfort

A well-functioning shower system provides a pleasant and comfortable experience. Issues with water pressure, temperature control, or broken shower heads could severely hamper this experience, making shower repair crucial for maintaining optimal conditions for personal cleanliness and relaxation.

Benefits of Using a Shower Repair Professional in London

Expert Assessment

Professional shower repair ensures that our expert assesses and resolves the problem. Our professionals are trained to diagnose the issue and implement the most effective resolution. This expertise often leads to a faster, more efficient repair process.

Long-Term Savings

While professional shower repair might seem costly upfront, it can save long-term costs. A professional is less likely to cause further damage or need a repair revisit due to incorrect fixing, potentially saving you from high costs in the future.

Long-Term Savings

Plumbing work often falls under local building and safety regulations. We are familiar with these rules and can ensure that all repair work is compliant. This compliance is essential to maintain the value of your property, particularly in the event of a potential sale or insurance claim.

Our Shower Repair Services

Common Shower Problems Clients Experience

Are you experiencing any of the shower problems below? It might be a good time to reach out to Imaa Plumbing, London’s No.1 Plumbing and Heating company for your shower repairs, maintenance and installations.

Leaky Showers

Navigating leaky showers can be quite a hassle for any London homeowner. Here at Imaa Plumbing, our team of professionals excels at detecting the root cause of these leaks, be it ruptured seals, fractured flanges, or tired valves. We deliver speedy and effective repair services, restoring your shower’s efficiency and averting undue water waste. Rely on our team of experts to deliver long-lasting solutions which comply with London’s local regulations, ensuring your shower system keeps your home comfortable.

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Broken Shower Head and Valves

A faulty shower head or valve can damper your daily routine, turning the most straightforward showers into a tedious task. Our qualified technicians at Imaa Plumbing possess vast experience in amending various issues associated with showerheads and valves across London. Regardless of the problem – be it low water pressure, poor temperature control, or dripping taps, we’re equipped to address and rectify the matter, restoring the peak functionality of your shower. We strive to adhere to local building codes, providing efficient, high-quality repair services at all times.

Blocked Shower Drains

Blocked shower drains are inconvenient and unsanitary, much too familiar to London homeowners. Our expert team at Imaa Plumbing are proficient in dealing with various types of clogs, right from the accumulation of hair to soap scum and other residues. Our meticulous approach ensures unobstructed drains, restoring the water flow and preventing upcoming damage to your plumbing system. Place your trust in us to deliver effective and enduring solutions to blocked shower drains by local building standards.

Broken Shower Doors and Screens

Damaged shower doors or screens can not only disrupt the aesthetic qualities of your bathroom but can also pose safety risks for you. Our skilled team of technicians at Imaa Plumbing are experts in repairing or replacing a wide variety of shower doors and screens – from mending hinges and balancing door frames to replacing shattered glass— we’ve got it covered. Our repair services prioritise safety and efficiency, ensuring your shower space remains functional and visually pleasing whilst adhering to local regulations.

Damaged Tiles and Grout

Cracked, chipped or loose shower tiles and grout can tarnish your shower’s appearance whilst compromising the structural make-up of your shower, particularly in London homes. At Imaa Plumbing, our professionals specialise in mending and rejuvenating damaged shower tiles and grout, employing contemporary techniques and superior materials. Not only does this refurbish your shower’s appearance, but it also secures your walls and floors from potential water leakage or damage. Lean on our professional services to keep your bathroom in top-notch condition.

damaged tiles and grouting repair in london

Why Choose Imaa Plumbing For Your Shower Repair Services in London

24/7 Emergency Services

24-hour emergency service. This means that we are available to help you with your plumbing problems, even at night or on weekends.

Fast Response

We pride ourselves on its prompt response time. We understand that plumbing problems can be disruptive and stressful, so we aim to get to you as quickly as possible.

Simple Pricing

We're transparent on pricing with a simple structure. This means that you will know the cost of the job before the work begins.

Perfectionist Level of Service

IMAA Plumbing aims to provide a perfectionist level of service. Their plumbers are trained and experienced, and they take pride in their work.

Friendly & Fast

IMAA Plumbing offers friendly and fast service. Our team are polite and respectful, and they will work quickly to get the job done right.

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Shower Repair Costs and Call-Outs

We provide an initial call-out for all services. If you are booking us for a repair service, we aim to resolve the issue, inclusive of the fee. We can provide a fixed-priced quotation upon assessment for additional works and installations.

Shower Repair Callout Services
  • Inspect Issue
  • Attemp Resolution
  • Prevent Future Issues

London Boroughs We Serve

Are you looking for a reliable team for your shower repairs for your home in London? Whether you’re a landlord or a homeowner, you can rely on Imaa Plumbing. With over a thousand 5* reviews, you are in safe hands.

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