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Imaa Plumbing is London’s No.1 choice for Vaillant boiler installations, repairs and servicing. With thousands of reviews from our clients, we’re confident that we’re the right team for you.

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Vaillant Boiler Services We Provide

Imaa Plumbing extends Vaillant boiler services beyond domestic properties, we provide durable boiler installation and maintenance solutions for commercial properties too. From our range of services, how can we best serve you?

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Vaillant Boiler Installations

Get peace of mind with a brand-new Vaillant boiler installation that is durable and reliable.

Vaillant Boiler Repairs

Our Vaillant-certified boiler repair team has you covered. Book a repair call out.

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Vaillant Boiler Service

Ensure your boiler is healthy and in good shape with an annual boiler service.

Why We Recommend Vaillant Boilers

Discover the key benefits of installation a Vaillant boiler system in your home or workspace today.

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Vaillant offers different types of gas boilers to suit various living spaces and heating needs.


You can choose from combi, system, or regular boilers based on the size of your home, heating and hot water requirements, and budget.


Combination boilers are ideal for smaller properties, while system boilers are designed for higher hot water demands, ensuring energy efficiency.

Flowing Hot Water

Regular boilers are perfect for homes with simultaneous hot water usage in multiple rooms, ensuring uninterrupted supply.


Vaillant boilers provide the highest quality, reliability, and performance.

10 Year Warranty

Guarantees of up to 10 years are available, providing peace of mind for your investment in a Vaillant boiler.

Types of Boilers Systems by Vaillant

The type of boiler you need depends on the size of your home or your commercial space. Our team of expert plumbers provide you with a turnkey boiler system solution that is best fit for your environment. Get in touch with Imaa Plumbing for a site visit or consultation.

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Combi Boilers

Vaillant’s combi boilers offer instant central heating and hot water, with high efficiency and minimal noise, best suited for a peaceful home environment, reducing energy bills.

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System Boilers

System boilers, or sealed system boilers, are designed for larger homes with multiple hot water needs. They store a large supply of hot water, offer all-in-one heating and hot water solutions in a compact package.

Open Vent Boilers

Open vent or regular boilers provide central heating and hot water through a cylinder and cold water tank, making them suitable for larger households with multiple bathrooms.

Recent Vaillant Boiler Installation

About Vaillant Boiler Warranties

When you choose Imaa Plumbing, a trusted advanced installer, to install your boilers, you unlock the valuable advantage of extended warranty periods tailored to each boiler type. Take a look at the table below for all the details.

Boiler Range Standard Guarantee Guarantee When Registered By An Advance Installer
ecoTEC exclusive with Green iQ 5-year up to 8 years*
ecoTEC plus 5-year 7-year
ecoTEC pro 2-year 7-year
ecoFIT pure 2-year 7-year

Please note that 10-year guarantees are also available on some Vaillant boilers. Get in touch with us and ask for further information.

Boiler Outside of It's Warranty? We've Got You Covered with PlumbCare Plus

Imaa Plumbing introduces new maintenance plans to help support your boiler system outside the warranty period. Choose a plan that best suits you. Join our exclusive “PlumbCare Plus” monthly subscription and enjoy worry-free plumbing services for your home or business. Our subscription plan is designed to provide convenience, peace of mind, and priority service to our valued clients. 

Monthly Plans
Annual Plans

Basic Care

£ 28 00
  • Priority scheduling for routine maintenance tasks
  • 10% discount on all standard plumbing services.
  • Quarterly check-ups to ensure your plumbing systems are functioning optimally.

Premium Care

£ 33 00
  • Annual water heater flush to prolong its lifespan and improve efficiency.
  • 15% discount on all standard plumbing services.
  • Emergency call-out service with reduced response time.

Elite Care

£ £36 00
  • Bi-annual whole-house plumbing inspections.
  • 20% discount on all standard plumbing services.
  • Guaranteed same-day emergency service response.

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Choose A Package

Choose a service package that best suits you and your budget. You can decide between a monthly or an annual plan, you have total flexibility.

Step 2

Schedule A Service

Once you’ve selected a plan, you can schedule in a service from day one of having your boiler service plan.

Step 3

Peace of Mind

Have peace of mind knowing your boiler is taken care off. Our team are only a call out away from getting you back up and running.

Boiler Support & Diagnostics

Common Fault Codes

Sometimes, faults can arise unexpectedly with your boiler. Discover our index of fault codes to help you quickly diagnose the issue with your boiler. We do not advise treating these faults on your own, get in touch with our experts to support.

Fault Code Fault Description How We Can Help
F.22 Low Water Pressure Check the system pressure and re-pressurise if necessary. Check for leaks in the system.
F.28 No water or water pressure too low Ensure the water supply is turned on. Check for any blockages in the water supply line or filter.
F.75 Boiler temperature sensor fault Contact a qualified technician to replace the faulty sensor.
F.61 Gas valve fault Check for a gas supply issue. If the gas supply is okay, contact a technician to check and replace the gas valve.
F.32 Ignition failure Check the gas supply, ignition leads, and electrodes. Ensure the gas valve is open.
F.75 / F.76 Boiler overheat / Low system water pressure Check for low system water pressure. If pressure is okay, check the boiler for overheating issues.
F.28 / F.54 Flame detection fault Clean the flame sensor and ensure proper combustion. Check the gas supply and gas valve.
F.97 / F.96 Central heating flow sensor fault Contact us to inspect and replace the flow sensor.
F.91 / F.92 Flue gas sensor fault Contact us to inspect and replace the flue gas sensor.
F.27 Insufficient circulation in heating system Check for circulation issues, such as airlocks or pump failure, in the heating system.
F.29 Water circulation issue in the heating system Check for issues with the pump, valves, or blockages in the heating system.

Book An Accredited Vaillant Boiler Engineer

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To assist in your selection of the most suitable Vaillant boiler for your needs, we offer a brief overview of the advantages associated with each boiler type we offer, including:

  1. Combi Boilers
  2. System Boilers
  3. Open Vent/Regular Boiler Systems

This overview provides a preliminary guideline to help determine the optimal boiler system for your residence.

We strongly advise reaching out to our experienced professionals for a comprehensive discussion and precise recommendations tailored to your specific requirements.

Get in touch.

We can install a new boiler early as the next day.

Book a boiler installation.

Absolutely! Vaillant have a commercial range of boilers that we use for bigger sites. Click here for more information on their commercial boiler range.

To discuss your commercial project further, get in touch with our team at Imaa Plumbing.

Firstly, do not worry. Secondly, feel free to look at our common faults index above, this may highlight the fault you have. Get in touch with our team at Imaa Plumbing to book a service call to remedy the fault.


For all other boiler faults on your Vaillant boiler, click here for more information.

Boiler services are something you need to consider doing an annual basis. A boiler service ensures the health of your boiler and allows us to detect if something is before it becomes a health risk.

Our charges for boiler services are £90 +VAT. Book a boiler service.

Boiler services are mandatory once a year. Not looking after your boiler can invite dangerous risks, it's better to be safe and have it checked annually.

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